YouTube Studio New AI Insights for Creators Tool

YouTube Studio New AI Insights for Creators Tool

YouTube is rolling out a fantastic new tool in YouTube Studio that uses smart AI technology to suggest awesome video ideas.

This tool, called ‘AI Insights for Creators’.

AI Insights for Creators

Imagine you’re a travel creator like Mahna. This AI tool noticed that her viewers are super interested in travel ideas. So, it came up with a great idea for a video about Portugal’s history and suggested some cool spots she could show her subscribers!

“The process of developing an idea for a video is time-consuming, and it can feel a lot like hit and hit or miss guesswork until the video finally posts and comments start rolling in,” said Youtube CEO, Neal Mohan.

The best part? In tests, over 70% of creators said ‘AI Insights’ gave them a big boost in video ideas.

This awesome feature will be launching in YouTube Studio next year.

Get ready to take your videos to a whole new level of awesome!

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