AI-powered Jerry Jones hologram to answer fan questions

Cowboys "Jerry Jones" AI hologram answering Fan's questions at AT&T Stadium
Cowboys “Jerry Jones” AI hologram answering Fan’s questions at AT&T Stadium

Texan billionaire Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, has created a virtual clone of himself that you can talk to for just $55.

This virtual Jerry is like a talking picture on a wall at the AT&T Stadium and the Cowboy’s training facility.

You can ask him all sorts of questions about his life, from his early days to his time as the team’s owner. It’s a unique way to get to know him better!

The Cowboys have unveiled an AI-generated Jerry Jones to have conversations with fans and answer questions…. what are you asking?
byu/sportico incowboys

This is part of a special tour package that costs between $50 and $70. However, we’re not sure if the AI has any limits on what it can answer.

So, some questions might not get a response. It’s a fun way for fans to connect with the face of the Cowboys!

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