Aitana AI Model: Virtual AI Influencer making Waves

Aitana AI Model: AI Instagram Influence

Meet Aitana AI Model, a 25-year-old pink-haired AI virtual influencer hailing from Barcelona, created by The Clueless agency.

Aitana’s strikingly realistic appearance, achieved through a blend of artificial intelligence and 3D modeling techniques, has garnered attention from major publications, including Forbes, Fortune, and The New York Times.

The Creation Process

Aitana’s creators utilized cutting-edge methods such as photogrammetry and deep learning to bring her to life.

The Clueless Agency, Aitana's Creators

Their goal was to craft a AI virtual influencer that strikes a balance between relatability and aspiration, providing a unique connection that traditional influencers might lack.

Aitana’s Growth on Instagram

Boasting an impressive following of over 122,000 on Instagram, Aitana leverages her virtual existence to generate income through various channels:

  1. Brand Partnerships: Collaborating with brands like Fanvue, Aitana offers exclusive AI-generated content for a subscription fee of $10/month.
  2. Social Media Advertising: Aitana monetizes her popularity by charging brands for ad placements on her Instagram and other social media platforms.

AI Model Financial Success

While the exact figures remain undisclosed, Aitana is estimated to earn between €3,000 and €10,000 monthly, solidifying her status as one of the most successful virtual influencers globally.


In essence, Aitana stands as a groundbreaking figure in the AI Model landscape.

She exemplifies the potential of artificial intelligence in crafting not just characters but engaging personalities.

As a trailblazer, Aitana is poised to leave a lasting impact on the influencer industry in the years ahead.

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