ChatGPT Boosts Chats with Direct GPTs Integration!

ChatGPT Boosts Chats with Direct GPTs Integration!

OpenAI revolutionizes ChatGPT by enabling users to seamlessly incorporate third-party applications driven by advanced AI models into their conversations.

If you’re a ChatGPT paid user, enhance your chats effortlessly by introducing GPTs.

Just type “@”, choose a GPT from the list, and bring it into your chat.

The chosen GPT not only understands the ongoing conversation but can also be selected to address specific use cases, adding a dynamic element to your discussions.

This development comes on the heels of the recent GPT Store launch, a unique marketplace accessible through the ChatGPT dashboard.

OpenAI plans to introduce monetization for developers who want to sell access to their GPTs.

As OpenAI strives to make GPTs more accessible and widely used, the potential for innovative and engaging conversations is immense.

Stay tuned as ChatGPT evolves, offering exciting possibilities for both users and developers!

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