Figure 01, The First Humanoid Robot, Powered by OpenAI

Imagine a robot that doesn’t just do tasks but also talks back, thanks to Figure, an AI company making waves by introducing Figure 01, the first humanoid robot with ChatGPT’s conversational abilities.

This breakthrough blends the physical prowess of humanoid robots with the witty, responsive dialogue of ChatGPT, making interactions feel almost human, complete with natural pauses.

Backed by a hefty $675 million from big names like OpenAI, Microsoft, and others, Figure is leading the charge into a future where robots understand and interact with us on a new level.

Their creation stands out not just for its technology but for bringing us one step closer to the kind of artificial general intelligence (AGI) the world has been dreaming of.

While Tesla and Boston Dynamics have made headlines, Figure’s introduction of a talking humanoid robot has set a new benchmark, sparking conversations about the real potential of robotics in achieving AGI.

With every update from Figure, we’re not just watching the future unfold; we’re starting to live in it.

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