How to Create Your Own GPT (Easy Guide)

Create Your Own GPT

GPT agents or own GPTs on ChatGPT are personalized versions that excel in specific areas due to tailored training.

You can create your own GPT model even without coding skills, thanks to ChatGPT’s user-friendly platform.

Steps to Create a GPT:

Sign Up:

Initiate Creation:

  • Click “Create a GPT” to start the process.

Describe Your Model:

  • In the “Create” tab, describe your GPT model, like “Generate visuals for new products” or “Help format my code.”

Configure Your GPT:

  • In the “Configure” tab, name your model and set a description. Choose actions such as web browsing or image creation.

Start Training:

  • Click “Create” to begin training your GPT model.

Utilize Your GPT:

  • Once trained, use your GPT for text generation, answering questions, or other tasks.

Pro Tips for Own GPT:

  • Training Data Matters: The more relevant training data you have, the better your GPT model will perform.
  • Task-Specific Training: Use training data relevant to the task, be it creative text generation or coding.
  • Fine-Tuning Option: Enhance a pre-trained GPT model for specific tasks, saving time compared to training from scratch.
  • Learn from Resources: Explore online resources to deepen your understanding of GPT models and their training.


Creating your GPT model might seem challenging, but with the right knowledge, it becomes a rewarding endeavor.

Empower your model to automate tasks, produce creative content, and provide comprehensive answers to your questions.

Unlock the potential of GPT without the need for coding skills.

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