Is Loki Season 2 Poster made with AI?

Loki Season 2 AI Poster

The poster for Loki Season 2 was made by a AI, not by a person. This has made a lot of designers upset. They worry that AI might start taking their jobs.

Some designers are worried that AI-made images are being used without asking real artists.

This could mean less work for human creators. Disney has been in trouble before for using this kind of AI art. They got criticized for it in a show called Secret Invasion.

How AI used in Loki Poster?

Loki Season 2 AI Poster
Loki AI Poster have AI Clock image

Shutterstock AI Clock Image used in Loki Poster
Shutterstock AI Generated Clock Image used in Loki Poster

AI image Checker Proof
AI image Checker Proof

What Disney Says:

When viewers ask Disney if they used AI help in other parts of the Loki ads, but they didn’t say.

Some people are guessing about parts of the picture. Even after trying to get answers from Disney, they haven’t said much.

Disney’s Excuse on AI Poster:

The picture of the clock in the ad wasn’t labeled as AI made on the website they got it from.

But most designers would notice that it looks a bit off. This makes people wonder how Disney designs things. They still haven’t officially commented on the Loki Season 2 poster.


This whole fuss shows that the world of design is changing because of AI. This makes many designers worry about their jobs in the future.

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