Klarna’s New AI Assistant is Making Customer Service Better

In only a month, Klarna’s new AI Assistant has become a big deal. It’s handling most of the customer service chats, doing the work of hundreds of people.

And customers like it just as much as talking to real folks, which is cool.

Klarna’s AI Assistant is really good at solving problems quickly. It’s cutting down on repeat questions by 25%, which means less waiting around for answers.

Plus, it’s super speedy, getting things done in under 2 minutes. And it speaks lots of languages, so everyone can understand it.

But it’s not just about numbers. This AI Assistant is also helping folks from different backgrounds feel more included.

It’s designed to make shopping and paying easier for millions of people around the world.

There are even more cool features coming soon, but if you prefer talking to a real person, that’s still an option.

In short, Klarna’s AI Assistant isn’t just changing how we get help—it’s making things better for all of us.

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