Microsoft’s AI Copilot App launch on all devices!

Microsoft's AI Copilot App launch on Android!

In a tech-savvy move, Microsoft quietly unveils its dedicated Copilot app for Android users, marking a significant step beyond its Bing Chat roots.

The app, reminiscent of ChatGPT, now resides in the Google Play Store, offering users seamless access to Copilot’s AI prowess without requiring the Bing mobile app.

Key Features of Copilot:

  • ChatGPT-Like Experience: Copilot on Android mirrors the familiar ChatGPT feel, empowering users with AI chatbot capabilities and versatile functions.
  • Image Generation with DALL-E 3: Explore creative avenues with Copilot’s image generation feature, akin to the renowned DALL-E 3.
  • Effortless Drafting for Texts: Enhance productivity as Copilot enables users to effortlessly draft texts for emails and documents.

Free Access to GPT-4 Model:

Unlike ChatGPT, Copilot on Android offers complimentary access to OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-4 model, a premium feature that ChatGPT users typically pay for.

Strategic Shift from Bing Chat to Copilot:

This Android launch follows Microsoft’s strategic move to rebrand Bing Chat as Copilot just over a month ago.

Originally integrated into the Bing search engine, Copilot now emerges as a standalone experience available on, much like its ChatGPT counterpart.


Microsoft’s foray into dedicated mobile apps for Copilot reflects a natural progression in enhancing user experience. .

Microsoft’s trend of rebranding Bing Chat Enterprise to Copilot suggests a broader vision for this standalone experience.

Exciting times lie ahead as Copilot continues to carve its niche in the dynamic realm of AI-powered assistants.

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