Modular Raises $100 Million to Revolutionize AI Development

Modular Raises $100 Million to Revolutionize AI Development

Modular, a startup focused on simplifying AI system development, has secured $100 million in funding, led by General Catalyst and involving investors like GV, SV Angel, Greylock, and Factory.

This brings Modular’s total funding to $130 million. CEO Chris Lattner stated that the funds will be used for product expansion, hardware support, and enhancing their programming language, Mojo.

Founded in 2022 by ex-Googlers Chris Lattner and Tim Davis, Modular aims to streamline AI infrastructure. They offer an engine that enhances AI model performance on CPUs and GPUs, promising cost savings.

This engine is compatible with popular frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, allowing developers to run models up to 7.5 times faster than native frameworks.

Modular’s flagship product, Mojo, is a programming language designed to combine Python’s ease of use with features like caching and metaprogramming. It’s currently in preview and set for general availability soon.

Modular aims to address these challenges, making AI more accessible and sustainable for enterprises. While Python is entrenched in the machine learning community, Lattner believes Mojo’s unique benefits will drive its adoption, and their community has rapidly grown.

In essence, Modular seeks to simplify AI development, making it more efficient and accessible, starting with their engine and programming language, with plans for more innovations in the future.

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