Pixis Raises $85 million for AI Marketing

Pixis Raises $85 million for AI Marketing

Pixis, a smart marketing platform that uses AI, just got a big boost of $85 million in funding.

This helps them reach a total of $209 million raised so far. More and more marketers are getting interested in using AI to make their ads even better. In fact, most marketers are already using AI in their daily work to be more efficient.

Pixis is doing really well, making over $50 million in the last year, and they have more than 200 big brands using their platform. Some of these brands include DHL, Joe & The Juice, Sears, and Swiggy. Pixis has grown a lot this year, about 140%, and they expect to start making a profit by the end of the year.

The founders of Pixis, Shubham Mishra, Hari Valiyath, and Vrushali Prasade, started out researching AI for creating art and game assets. But then they saw a big opportunity in marketing and decided to focus there. They built a special platform for generating marketing materials, targeting customers, and keeping track of how well campaigns are doing.

Pixis has three main parts: finding the right audience, creating cool stuff like texts and images, and making sure everything works well. They use AI to do all of this. Every brand that works with Pixis gets personalized advice based on their own data and goals.

But how do they make sure the AI doesn’t get things wrong? The CEO, Shubham Mishra, explained that they have ways to guide the AI and make sure it stays on track. They’re careful about making sure the content created is just right.

Pixis is really focused on using AI in marketing. They’ve even made a chatbot called Pixis Analyze that helps users with questions about campaigns and marketing data. They’re also working on a cool editing tool called Creative Studio to fine-tune what the AI creates.

The money from this funding round will help Pixis do even more cool things. They want to keep improving their technology, work with more publishers and ad networks, and make important partnerships. They’re also planning to hire more people in North and Latin America and might even make a big acquisition in the future.

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