Snapchat ‘My AI’ Feature Creates Its Own Stories

Snapchat 'My AI' Feature Creates Its Own Stories

Snapchat’s ChatGPT-powered bot, known as “My AI,” surprised many users by posting its own story seemingly on its own.

The story consisted of two color blocks divided by a diagonal line, leading people to think it was a ceiling or wall.

“My AI” chatbot is causing a stir by posting its own stories without permission.

Numerous users faced a common issue:

when questioning My AI about the strange post, they received vague responses like “sorry, I encountered a technical issue” or “sorry, I don’t understand that yet!”.

Also Oppenheimer meme on Snapchat ‘My AI’ story is really gone viral after this issue.

Snapchat’s support page on Twitter initially responded to complaints with a seemingly unurgent message: “Hi. We’ll need to look further into this.” Later, they stated that My AI had a temporary outage that’s been resolved.

A warning on Snapchat’s official support page noted that while they’re working to improve My AI, its responses might include biased or incorrect content. Users should verify advice independently and avoid sharing sensitive information.

Twitter was ablaze with reactions to the My AI mystery.

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