Try Amazon’s New Shopping AI Assistant Rufus

Try Amazon's New Shopping AI Assistant Rufus

Amazon is revolutionizing your shopping experience with the introduction of Rufus, an AI-powered shopping assistant.

This cutting-edge tool is designed to assist users in finding products, making comparisons, and offering personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall shopping journey.

In this article, we’ll delve into what Rufus is and why it’s a game-changer for Amazon customers.

What Is Rufus AI?

Rufus is Amazon’s latest AI creation, a powerful shopping assistant trained on a vast array of data.

It combines information from Amazon’s extensive product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and data from across the web.

This AI chatbot is set to transform the way users interact with the Amazon mobile app, offering assistance from the beginning to the end of their shopping exploration.

Features of Rufus AI

  • Generative AI Experience: Rufus is not your average chatbot. It’s a generative AI experience that understands customers’ needs, whether they are just starting their shopping journey, narrowing down choices, or seeking specific information.
  • Product Insights: It provides valuable insights into products, considering factors like durability, specific use cases (e.g., running shoes for different terrains), and considerations when making a purchase decision.
  • Product Comparisons and Recommendations: Rufus excels at helping users compare products and make decisions. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or the best dinosaur toy for a five-year-old, Rufus has you covered.

How to Use Rufus AI

Using Rufus is seamless. For select U.S. customers, the AI assistant is accessible within the Amazon mobile app.

Simply tap the new button in the bottom navigation bar to initiate a chat. Users can type or speak their questions, receiving personalized responses to guide them through their shopping endeavors.

Once done, a swipe down dismisses the chat dialog, seamlessly integrating Rufus into the Amazon app experience.


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, Amazon’s Rufus emerges as a user-friendly and intelligent companion, reshaping the online shopping landscape.

While in beta, users can contribute to Rufus’s improvement by providing feedback on responses.

As Amazon continues to refine its generative AI, Rufus is set to evolve, becoming even more helpful over time.

Stay tuned for the expanding rollout of Rufus to more U.S. customers in the coming weeks, and witness the future of personalized shopping assistance with Amazon’s AI-powered chatbot.

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