Try Life2Vec AI: Predict your Future

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Discover the future with Life2vec AI Calculator, often dubbed the “doom calculator.”

This cutting-edge research project, a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the University of California, Berkeley, leverages artificial intelligence to unveil insights into one’s life expectancy and potential income.

Let’s delve into the workings of this intriguing experiment.

What is Life2vec AI Calculator?

Life2vec delves into the depths of massive datasets encompassing anonymized health and demographic records from millions.

The factors it considers are diverse, ranging from health records and demographic information to employment history, social connections, and geographic location.

This comprehensive approach sets the stage for unveiling the mysteries of an individual’s future.

How It Works:

Data Collection:

  • Health Records (diagnoses, medications, hospitalizations)
  • Demographic Information (age, sex, education, income, occupation)
  • Employment History
  • Social Connections
  • Geographic Location

Model Training:

The collected data undergoes scrutiny through a sophisticated machine learning algorithm. This algorithm discerns patterns and relationships among various factors, associating life events with potential risks or specific career trajectories.


Armed with insights, the model can generate personalized predictions. By inputting health, demographic, and lifestyle information, Life2vec estimates:

  • Risk of Diseases
  • Likelihood of Early Death
  • Potential Future Income

Accuracy and Ethical Considerations:

While Life2vec boasts impressive accuracy, it’s an experimental model with limitations.

Predictions rely on probabilities, not certainties. Individual choices and unforeseen circumstances can alter life trajectories.

Ethical concerns loom large, with critics cautioning against potential discrimination in insurance, employment, and healthcare.

The focus on death predictions raises anxiety and poses risks to mental well-being.

Life2Vec Current Status:

As of now, Life2vec isn’t available as a public calculator or app. The ongoing research emphasizes that the model isn’t for individual use or decision-making.

Developers prioritize responsible development, acknowledging the technology’s potential and limitations.

The future hinges on a balanced approach that safeguards privacy and well-being.


Life2vec emerges as a captivating leap in AI, unraveling the intricacies of human life.

However, caution is paramount. Awareness of limitations and ethical considerations is crucial.

The future beckons, urging responsible development to ensure the positive potential of such technology without compromising individual privacy and well-being.

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