Your Voice Matters: AI and Copyright – Share Your Opinion with the US Copyright Office!

AI and Copyright - Share Your Opinion with the US Copyright Office

The US Copyright Office wants to know what you think about AI and copyrights, starting from August 30th. You can share your thoughts until October 18th, and you must respond by November 15th.

The Copyright Office has seen more AI-made things and wants your opinions to decide who owns what in the future.

They have three main questions, How should AI, like OpenAI’s GPT-3, use copyrighted stuff? Can AI-created things be copyrighted without people involved? And how should copyright work with AI?

This is important because AI, powered by tools, has become a big deal for politicians, artists, and writers.

Recently, they said no to giving copyright to a picture made by AI, and a court agreed, saying humans should be part of copyright.

Also, AI often learns from things online that have copyrights. This has led to lawsuits. Artists sued AI art platforms for using their stuff without asking. Even comedian Sarah Silverman and authors sued AI giants.

People worry about AI using their work, and some news sites blocked AI from using their stuff. Lawmakers are figuring out how to control AI.

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