Microsoft’s Bing Chat Stops Making Disney AI Posters

Microsoft's Bing Chat Stops Making Disney AI Posters

Something unexpected happened when people on TikTok and Instagram started using Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator to make cute Disney-style movie posters with their pets.

Influencers on Instagram, joined in the fun, but it got tricky when Disney’s logo showed up in the pictures.

To sort things out, Microsoft removed the term “Disney” from the image generator, saying it went against their rules.

They later allowed it back, but the posters still had changed logos, making people wonder about copyright issues.

Legal expert Andrew White thinks Microsoft altered the logos to avoid trademark problems.

Even though it seems more like a playful thing, there’s a question: Did the AI learn from Disney’s stuff, and is it using copyrighted material?

Microsoft decided to take responsibility for legal issues related to its AI products, following a trend in the tech industry.

This incident brings up bigger questions about using copyrighted stuff in AI.

People on social media were telling others to type things like “Disney Pixar-inspired movie poster” to get similar images. Some, like Nicola Bennett on Instagram, thought it was good for Disney but saw a downside for those who make posters by hand.

Microsoft didn’t say much about business talks but mentioned they’re working on safety. Disney didn’t comment on the doggy Disney trend.

This story adds a fun twist to the ongoing talk about AI, copyright, and being creative. In the online world, figuring out what’s fun and what’s not can be a bit like looking at things from a dog’s point of view.

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